Removing Small dents from wood

I recently came across a beautiful piece of furniture that I want it to give it a second chance. It was in such a good condition that it would be a shame to apply a coat of paint on it, so I decided to remove the old stain and apply a fresh coat of Minwax Walnut color.
After finishing the sanding I noticed some dents on the face of one of the drawers and in order to get a better surface for stain and I need it to remove them.
Note: The most important part is that there aren’t any damaged wood fibers.
Step 1: Clean the surface with a rag.

Dents on the surface

Step 2: Apply a dab of water into the dents.
Step 3: Apply heat using an iron on a paper towel (to protect both surfaces). The heat will convert the water into steam and that steam will be absorbed by the wood fibers.

Step 4: Check the dents with your fingers, and apply step 2 and 3 until the dent disappear.
Step 5: Sand

Surface after the sanding

Step 6: Apply the fresh coat of stain or finish of your preference.

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